Here’s to a lasting business relationship!

We have dedicated ourselves to service with exactly the same passion with which we assemble and develop our machines. We see ourselves in addition as a service company for our customers and prospective customers. For us, the relationship with our customers primarily begins on delivery of their machines. Servicing on customer machines is performed only by experienced staff who can carry out inspections and any necessary repairs quickly and in due form.
So, to put it another way: here’s to a lasting business relationship!


Mobile: +39 349 5703014

Demonstrations & test days

You can best experience the advantages of our machines locally, through organised demonstrations or test days. The machine will be explained to you in detail: you can test out the main functions of the machine in the presence of an experienced member of staff. After you have operated the machine independently, you can put it through its paces. Believe us: you will be delighted!

Services under warranty

Silver Bull offers a 12 months, full warranty on the entire lifting platform. Only the batteries are limited to a six-month warranty. During this period, neither travel costs nor working time will be billed for services under warranty.
Damage that is due to the user’s own fault or deliberate in nature is of course excluded from the warranty.


Regular maintenance is a condition for long machine life. Proper maintenance will ensure your machine has a working life of many years. Regular maintenance is also highly important in safety terms. The control console will display the word “SERVICE” to indicate that maintenance is due after each 700 hours of operation. Once you have notified the relevant Silver Bull partner and/or Silver Bull that an inspection is due, they will carry this out for you on the spot.

Weekend service

We are also there for you at the weekend!
In the period from 16 August to 10 November we are also available for advice and assistance at weekends. This ensures that, even at the weekend, any problems with your machine can be avoided or at least minimised. You can call us on the office number of the Silver Bull company.


Our aim is to provide customers with a solid repair network both inside and outside our national borders. Repairs are carried out quickly and straightforwardly by an experienced member of staff, preferably at the customer’s premises.